Does Hillary Plan to Run for President in 2024?


Hillary Clinton said she would not run for president in 2024. But, with Hillary Clinton, you never know. She has been dropping subtle hints that she knows the perfect candidate to replace Kamala Harris if her capacity and Joe Biden’s incoherence becomes too apparent. The perfect candidate would be a former First Lady, Secretary of State, Senator, and twice failed presidential nominee. Hey, the third time’s a charm.

Hillary’s latest hint was her appearance at the Financial Times Weekend Festival, in Washington. Clinton said that Old Joe was a good president, despite his pretending to be one. If you’re a fan of open borders, mass immigration of unvetted migrants into cities, skyrocketing crime, rising inflation, prohibitive gasoline prices, and endless exacerbation of racial tensions then Biden is doing well.

Hillary wants us all to believe that he is. She said, “And I’m of the camp where I think he is determined to run.” He has an impressive record of accomplishments that people could not have predicted three years ago. Yes. Three years ago, few people would have thought that Biden and the handlers of his campaign could have caused this much damage so quickly.

She added, “He hasn’t received the credit he deserves yet for what’s happening in the country.” It’s also true: People don’t realize that much of the chaos and deterioration they are seeing around them is a direct result of decisions that Old Joe and his handlers made.

Hillary, who is as dishonest as any Democrat can be, praised Biden’s supposed achievements “in terms of growth, jobs, and planning for the next few years, with chips, and other stuff.” Chips? Did Hunter become a Frito-Lay Board member or something? “I obviously hope that he remains focused and is able to participate in the elections because I believe he will be reelected and that’s something we all should hope for.”

The winsome Hillary said little else positive about the Old Joe. The hint for 2024 came when Financial Times Editor Edward Luce asked a silly question about Biden’s latest unsuccessful attempt to walk down a set of stairs. “Every time this happens,” Luce told her, “your mouth is open because these things can be consequential.” Man, is that even a concern? Did Luce think that anyone else on Earth, other than Jill Biden and Hunter Biden was emotionally invested in the ability of Old Joe to perform duties that most people know he does not perform?

Hillary acknowledged the absurdity of her question when she replied, “Well, you know, it’s something that would concern anyone.” We’ve seen presidents fall who were much younger and no one panicked. His age is a concern. “People have every right to think about it.”

They do indeed, and it is not the first instance that Hillary has brought up the age of Biden. Sky News reported mid-April, “she rejected suggestions that Mr. Biden’s 80 years of age would make him too old to serve as president.” I feel like I can do the job. She added, “I’m in my mid-70s.” This was a bizarre non-sequitur as no one asked if Hillary could do the job and Biden’s cognitive abilities are not necessarily related to Hillary’s. She was saying outright, that if Democrats decided Old Joe wasn’t up to the task and needed to replace him, she would be ready, tanned, and rested to take over.

Hillary may face stiff competition as the stand-in for Old Joe. Kamala will not give up despite her obvious inadequacy. Gavin Newsom wants to do the same thing to the entire country as he did to California. Michelle Obama is a better choice than Joe Biden as a proxy for Barack Obama. The Democrats are hoping that 2024 will be an eventful affair in which they renominate and reelect their pretend president. It could be something else.