Enes Kanter Freedom Calls out LeBron James for Criticizing the United States Over Griner


Enes Kanter Freedom criticizes LeBron James’ comments on “The Shop”, his HBO series when he was discussing Brittney Griner.

We reported on Tuesday about LeBron James criticizing the United States with his comments about Brittney Griner.

LeBron stated:

“Now, she feels like America has her back. “I would feel like, Do I want to go back home to America?”

James’ comments were followed by clarification by him. He stated that his comments were not intended to knock on “our beautiful nation”.

Kanter reacted to James’ comments following “clarification”.

“You might call it a step back, but we call it a walk back.”

Kanter was not shy in his words and did not hesitate to tell LeBron that he can leave America at any time he chooses.

You can leave your buddy at will, or volunteer to exchange with her.

Kanter suggested that LeBron be traded to Russia for Griner. LeBron doesn’t seem to value the freedoms and opportunities it offered him to become a billionaire.

“Some people have no idea what it is like to live under a dictatorship… Continue to take your freedom for granted.”

Kanter is intimately involved in this topic, having fought with the murderous Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Kanter’s father, was sentenced by the Turkish government to 15 years imprisonment in 2018, was sentenced. Kanter claimed that this was Turkey’s attack on him for criticizing the country’s leadership.

“No matter what happens I will keep fighting for human rights, freedom of speech and justice, democracy above all… I will stand up for what I believe.” All I am doing is trying to be the voice for all those innocent people.

Kanter raised awareness about Armenia’s Genocide. 1.5 million Armenians were killed by the Turks in 1915. The Turkish government still denies this fact to this day. Kanter, a Turkish citizen, posted a tweet saying that he received death threats in 2021 after he claimed the Armenian Genocide actually took place in 1915 and that Turkey is guilty.

Kanter spoke out during the Hong Kong, China crisis. Kanter stood up for Hong Kong, even though LeBron and the NBA remained silent on this issue.

Kanter is well aware of the greatness of the United States and appreciates all the opportunities it offers. Even though some Americans may disagree, we are the greatest nation on the planet. America’s foundations are solid.