EU Official at WEF Tells Brian Stelter That Free Speech Is on Its Way Out in the U.S.


Are we able to trust her judgment? Vera Jourova is vice president of the European Commission for Values and Transparency. Tuesday’s World Economic Forum panel saw her declare that the United States will soon have “illegal hate speech laws”. But such efforts always run into First Amendment issues. Vera Jourova is the only one with insider knowledge about the Left’s plans for removing that obstacle.

The Daily Caller reported Tuesday that Jourova “participated in Tuesday’s WEF panel on ‘the clear and present danger of disinformation,’ alongside former CNN Host Brian Stelter, Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Seth Moulton, New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger and media executive Jeanne Bourgault.”

Ah, yes, “disinformation.” They have not stopped trying to subvert freedom of speech despite public protests.

It’s a poor choice of words. Would we ever have known the truth if the Left had not created the tools to suppress “disinformation”?

Jourova said (although the video was secretly made after the Daily Caller story broke), that hate speech requires people to understand the laws and language of the country. She laughed at the notion of totalitarianism invading the Land of the Free. “I believe we have a strong justification for this in the criminal law, uh. We, uh. We need platforms that can work with the language to identify these cases. Artificial intelligence [Ai] is too dangerous. ”

Is AI dangerous? Scott Morefield, a Townhall writer, said that AI is too risky. They are wrong to incite violence and use negative names. AI could be easily trained to not use hate speech. AI cannot be trained not to disclose inconvenient facts.

The Caller stated that the panel was discussing ways regulators, the public, and social media companies could tackle “disinformation.” According to the WEF, “information pollution” is spreading at an “unprecedented rate and scale,” according to the WEF website. Only the Left’s narrative matters.

This episode’s most troubling aspect is that Brian Stelter, who was once a CNN talking head and is now a top American reporter, didn’t speak up in support of freedom of expression. The most concerning aspect of this disturbing episode is the fact that Brian Stelter (who was once a CNN talking head and is now a top American journalist) didn’t speak out in defense of freedom of speech. Worse, Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Of Course) dragged out an old chestnut about “Fire!” is illegal. FIRE, an independent free speech group, stated that Moulton’s distinction between protected speech forms was misleading. ”

It is obvious that Leftists want to eliminate freedom of speech. Vera Jourova may have inside information on the Left’s next attempt at removing or rendering meaningless the First Amendment. Americans must be prepared, alert, vigilant, vigilant, ready, and vigilant.