Even Some Democrats Want Biden to Take a Cognitive Test


    For years, Joe Biden’s mental capacity has been a subject of debate. Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician believes Joe Biden’s cognitive problems have been hidden. Jackson was one of 38 Republicans who called on Biden to take a cognitive exam last week.

    A Rasmussen Reports poll has found that two-thirds (63%) of voters are in agreement with them. Sixty-three percent (63%) of voters agree that Biden’s “mental decline” has “become obvious,” including 47% who strongly agree. Only 31% of voters disagree with Biden’s “mental decline”, including 22% who strongly disagree.

    Sixty-six percent of voters also believe that Biden should undergo a cognitive test and that the results should be made public. Only 26% of those who disagree are in agreement.

    However, the poll shows that Democrats are mostly in denial about Biden’s declining mental health. Only 23% of Democrats and 73% of Republicans strongly agree that Biden has experienced “mental decline” and forgetfulness over the past two years.

    43% of Dems think that Biden should undergo a cognitive test, and release the results. This is a small number compared to the 86% Republicans and 70% independents who want Biden to take the test. However, it’s higher than you might think. Maybe Democrats believe the cognitive test will show that Biden is firing on all levels.

    Trump was happy to accept one and release the results, even though it was not necessary. Biden should do the same.