Former Top FBI Official Spills the Beans When He Advises Biden’s DOJ to Obstruct Congress on Biden Classified Docs


Andrew McCabe is an ex-top FBI official who advised the Biden administration to not cooperate with congressional inquiries into President Joe Biden’s improper retentions of classified documents.

McCabe boasted that such stubbornness, last Friday, “could drag everything out.”

Jim Jordan, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, announced Friday that an investigation was underway into President Joe Biden’s alleged “mishandling” of classified documents.

The investigation will be focused on “conducting oversight over the Justice Department’s activities” in relation to the discovery of classified documents. Jordan wrote to Attorney General Merrick Garland:

It is not clear when the Department discovered these documents. Also, it isn’t clear if the Department actively kept this information secret from the public just before the 2022 elections. … It is not clear what conversations the Department had if any., with President Biden and his representatives regarding his mishandling of classified material. This Department appears to have acted differently than it did in similar circumstances.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper stated that Garland shouldn’t cooperate with congressional oversight.

McCabe stated that he would recommend them to cooperate with congressional oversight if they were open to it.

“There is a precedent for not sharing information from ongoing criminal investigations with Congress.” He said that he believed the DOJ was in a strong position to resist these grounds. “Who knows what will happen to that resistance?” he asked. Perhaps DOJ leadership is subpoenaed. That fight will eventually end up in court. This could lead to more problems.

Here is the video of Anderson Cooper speaking with Jim Jordan.

Ironically, McCabe’s statement is exactly why Sen. Ron Johnson (R.Wis.), admitted that he was not a fan of special counsel investigations.

Johnson stated, “I believe the way we handle investigations of wrongdoing — I’ll refer to it that — in politics is we do it completely backward.” He also stated on Meet the Press on Sunday, “Congress should have the right to access all information and be able to oversee it.”

“If we have evidence of wrongdoing, we should refer it to the Justice Department.” He explained that the investigation should be conducted. “What is happening today is that the investigation starts, Congress never has access to the information and the American public never learns the truth about these situations.”