Gretchen Whitmer’s Critical Race Theory Crusade


    Whitmer’s Educator Advisory Council published a report titled “Social Justice and Anti-Racist Educator Resource” that provides teachers and schools with the resources they need to promote race-essentialism, make sure that race is a key determinant in daily interactions.

    The report’s opening statement stated that “The compilation aims at helping colleagues begin, continue and further their work to FIRST educate ourselves and then bring antiracist teaching to every grade level and subject area [sic]”.

    To start “starting your path”, the first resource is a Medium article entitled “106 Things White People can Do for Racial Justice.” It states, “Our work in fixing what we broke and left behind broken.” It’s not done until Black people tell us that it’s done.

    This article also recommends that white people do the most for racial justice by following their local Black Lives Matter chapters. Antifa and Black Lives Matter are responsible for the destruction of lives and livelihoods in countless Americans, especially black Americans.

    Another idea is to “Understand what “defund the police” really means.” This would explain that it’s about “a new, smarter approach towards public safety where we demilitarize the police and redirect resources to education, social service, and other root causes for crimes.”

    Whitmer’s Educator Advisory Council report is a ten-page document that contains radical, racist materials meant for teacher training and are intended to be spread throughout K-12 public education. The Council’s mission statement states that “We, the Governor’s Educator Advisory Council hear the moral outcry heard and felt around the world.” We believe education is key to social justice.

    It continues, “We are fighting two deadly viruses: COVID-19 & the virus of racism.” We pledge to support educational policies, practices, and resources that will end systemic racism. We will work to increase diversity in all aspects the educational profession.

    Another resource is from the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. It tells teachers and children, and, by extension, their students, that whiteness and the normalization of the American racial history throughout America have created a culture in which non-white people are considered inferior or abnormal.

    Whitmer’s guide was published and sold to local school districts by the Michigan State Board of Education. The resolution stated that “we believe children start their lives without hatred or bigotry,” but that racism is an endemic problem in American society.

    The Michigan House of Representatives passed a 55-0 vote to ban the teaching of critical race theory in K-12 schools. Every single Democrat refused the opportunity to vote.

    Immediately after, the Democrat-run State Board adopted 5-2 to oppose the bill.

    Pamela Pugh, a member of the Democratic Board, stated that teachers have the responsibility and right to teach the complex and multifaceted history, including the history race, racism, and other biases. This is a misrepresentation of critical race theory.

    Nikki Snyder, a board member, voted against this resolution.

    Stereotyping, race stereotyping and gender stereotyping theories are harmful to children. They are not able to learn.