Guess Whose Daughter Worked for Twitter During the Pandemic?


Yesterday, we reported that Arizona and Missouri attorneys general released the transcripts of Anthony Fauci’s deposition. This was in response to a lawsuit by the states against the Biden administration. It alleges that Biden, Fauci, and others. Big Tech conspired to censor COVID-19 messages that were against The Narrative. The full transcript can be found here.

One revelation that emerged from the deposition was that Fauci’s daughter worked at Twitter as a software engineer during the heat of government COVID lockdowns. This was at a time people were being censored, kicked off Twitter, and banned for having rational discussions about the COVID response.

Fauci, who claimed he doesn’t use social networking and was ignorant of the process, was asked if he knew anyone working for a social media platform. Fauci was vague and claimed he had had “communications” with Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook/Meta, and that he had had some “FaceTime conversations encouraging people to get vaccines.”

John Sauer, an attorney from Schmitt’s, was questioning Fauci and asking if he knew of any other people in the social media business. Anthony Fauci replied with “I KNOW NOTHING” 174 times during questioning. He then dissembled. “When you ask me if I know someone who works …?”

Sauer tried again. “Like, do your acquaintances, people you know, work on social media platforms?”

Fauci finally admitted that she was a daughter of a person who used to work at Twitter as a software engineer.

Isn’t it interesting? One of the top Censorship Ministers in the U.S. Health Bureaucracy was a relative who worked at Twitter!

Fauci’s daughter has a current bio:

Ali is a San Francisco-based software engineer. She worked previously on Twitter’s Android app for many years. She is passionate about tech and social change and is excited to be part of Empower Project’s work. Ali is an EMT in San Francisco and has previously managed a morning exercise group called November Project.

According to online information, Ali Fauci seemed to be more interested in the engineering side of things than content moderation. But who knows what influence she might have had in the company because of her father’s fame and fortune and all the Fauci worship happening on Twitter at that time — when Trump’s COVID advisor seems to have been dictating which messaging was allowed and not.

Eric Schmitt, Missouri Attorney General, and Senator-elect stated in a statement that it was clear during our deposition with Dr. Fauci that social media censors are used to censor Dr. Fauci’s speech. You should read the transcript of the deposition to see how Dr. Fauci works and how the COVID tyranny which ruined lives and destroyed companies was created.

Ms. Fauci is a Stanford graduate and currently works at the Empowerment Project. This project “helps communities and progressive organizations leverage their personal relationships to gain power and dramatically increase the electorate.” Dr. Fauci also claimed that Ali’s boyfriend died from myocarditis due to COVID-19. “My youngest daughter’s boyfriend is a 32-year-old, athletic, healthy man who received COVID-19 and suffered one of the unusual complications associated with cardiomyopathy with an Arrhythmia and eventually died,” he said to Dr. Sanjay Gupta (CNN’S chief medical correspondent) in late 2020.

This lawsuit brought by the Louisiana and Missouri states finally gives us insight into something many of you have known for a while: Fauci, a high-ranking government official, and his associates were involved in driving COVID Narrative dissidents off major social media platforms to underground channels. America. We supposedly have the First Amendment. Let’s pray this is a step toward action.