Head Of Anti-Racist Org Given Public Funding By London Mayor


After one of its directors denied that the Uyghur genocide in China was happening, Sadiq Khan’s London government has launched an investigation into an anti-racist organization.

After Sadiq Khan’s London leftist mayor gave taxpayer money to the Monitoring Group, one of its directors denied that there was ongoing genocide against Uyghurs in Communist China, it is currently under investigation.

Peng Hua is the director in the middle of the scandal and has since reportedly resigned with Bobby Chan. Bobby Chan was also reportedly seen calling concert-goers at a concert by a pro Hong Kong democracy singer “cockroaches” while waving a red flag from the CCP.

According to The Telegraph, Hua published an opinion piece that appeared “to question Beijing’s repressions of the Uhghur minorities, as well as to endorse the Hong Kong human rights crackdown”.

According to reports, the investigation has been initiated into the organization after it reportedly received funding from a group linked to billionaire George Soros.

“The Monitoring Group concerns are serious, and we have made it clear that action must be taken to [the Community Alliance To Combat Hate],” stated a spokesperson for the Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime.

They continued, “The Monitoring Group has responded to the issues raised” and two of their trustees had now left the organization. “We await the full results of [the Community Alliance To Combat Hate]’s investigation into The Monitoring Group activities, including its senior representatives.

Although at least one pro Hong Kong activist expressed relief that Chan and Hua have resigned from their top positions in the anti-racist organization, this incident is just one of many instances where the Chinese Communist Party has used anti-Racism as a means to advance their agenda.

An alleged CCP spy was working in Westminster, and a forum on hate crime held by London’s Metropolitan Police was linked to it.

Pek-san Tan was the head of the anti-hate crime ESEA (East and Southeast Asian) Forum. A report revealed that she was an associate of Christine Lee, possible Beijing spy. She allegedly used her position to label criticisms of the Chinese Communist Party racist.

CCP also allegedly uses #StopAsianHate rallies across the UK and elsewhere to delegitimize Uyghur or Hong King activists fighting against the authoritarian government. One rally turned into a street brawl after anti-democracy and pro-democracy protesters met in London’s Chinatown.