Hillary Clinton Exposes Democrats’ Elder Abuse of Dianne Feinstein


Since the 1960s Democrats have been painted as the party that is compassionate. When it comes to Dianne Feinstein, masks start to slip, exposing a level of ugliness rarely seen by Democrat leaders.

The treatment of Feinstein by the media was getting unseemly. She was suffering from shingles and “medical complications” she had never known about became a major issue.

It was at a convenient time for those Democrats and media personalities, such as the Times, who wanted Feinstein to step down now in order to make way for someone more “woke”. It was convenient for Democrats and media personalities such as The Times who wanted Feinstein out now in order to make room for someone “woke “.

I think that the way that Feinstein’s condition is being used by Democrats to manipulate a Senate Chess Game in 2024, both by her “allies” and her enemies, indicates that elder abuse is taking place. Hillary Clinton, a twice-failed Democratic Presidential candidate, accidentally made this statement in an interview at the Chicago Humanities Festival on Monday.

Clinton responded to the question regarding Feinstein’s retirement by mentioning her friendship and working relationship with Feinstein as a way to improve her credentials as an expert on the subject.

“Let me say a couple of words about my friend and colleague Dianne, who I have known for a long time.” She added. “She is suffering from encephalitis, and shingles, and has for some time.” “She is a very impressive and effective leader. ”

Who did she blame for her callous approach? Republicans

She continued, “Here’s the dilemma: the Republicans won’t accept adding someone to the Judiciary Committee,” referring to Feinstein. Feinstein was absent from the Senate for nearly three months this year because of health issues. This caused a blockage in the Judiciary Committee. Democrats couldn’t confirm Joe Biden’s nominees for judicial posts without Republican support.

We would let you succeed her if Republicans said that she was gravely ill and that she had just lost her husband to cancer. “All these people pushing her to leave: okay, we’re not going to be judges anymore? ”

Hillary acknowledged that Feinstein had been “gravely ill” for the last two months. (Something that you just can’t get over). Clinton thinks that Feinstein should be included in the Senate Judiciary Committee if necessary. Biden’s radical judiciary nominees will not reach the Senate floor without her.

Can a person be cold-blooded? Hillary Clinton has a knack for lowering the bar with every speech. She’s saying that Dianne Feinstein’s health and well-being are second to Democrat nominees who have been pushed through by the SJC.

Recall that Clinton not only displays her heartless personality but also lies in many ways.

Gavin Newsom would be in a position to replace Feinstein as interim governor if she resigned. It is likely that this would happen in a very short period of time since Newsom has already chosen the person he wants to replace Feinstein. The few nominees that the Republicans agreed on would not be approved could be quickly obtained by Durbin (D.Ill.).

I’m going to move on to my next point. John Kennedy, Ted Cruz, and others have pointed out that Feinstein’s departure from the Senate did not bring it to a screeching halt. The SJC continued to advance nominees to floor votes. Republicans believed that the nominees were not qualified or too radical for the positions Biden had put forward.

When Feinstein returned, it didn’t take long for the “stalled” nominees to get through. I said that another thing “made it” out of all this was that Democrats can’t be trusted with your money, your Senate seat, and, most importantly, even your grandmother.