Is Partying to Blame for Finland’s PM Sanna Marina Getting a Divorce?


Sanna Marina, the Finnish prime minister, announced on Wednesday that she and her 19-year-old husband are seeking a divorce. This comes just weeks after Marin lost her reelection bid due to a series of videos containing controversial content.

“We have filed for divorced together.” “We are grateful for our 19 years of marriage and our daughter”, the 37-year-old prime minister wrote on Instagram, according to multiple outlets. We will continue to spend quality time with our family.

Marin asked for privacy and stated that neither she nor her soon-to-be ex would comment further on the private matter.

The youngest Prime Minister in the world to be elected at age 34, has experienced a turbulent few months.

She lost her re-election bid last month in a razor-thin race against her conservatives and far-right opponents, prompting some to wonder if her controversial partying video was behind her defeat and that of her party.

A video from August showed the young Prime Minister dancing with Olavi Uusivirta, a Finnish Pop Star.

The footage showed the couple dancing together closely, and there were questions raised about extramarital relationships.

The singer, Marin, and the Finnish Prime Minister both maintained that the video footage did not show anything inappropriate. However, the prime minister expressed her disappointment at the release of the footage.

“I don’t remember anyone kissing my neck. It seems to me that I was being talked to,” she said when asked about a moment in the video when Uusivirta appeared to lean into the prime minister.

“It’s true, I am married.” According to an Independent report, she said, “These are private issues, and I won’t comment on them.” “But I do not think that anything inappropriate happened in that video.”

The incident sparked a negative reaction from her critics who questioned if the Prime Minister was on drugs.

Marin insisted that there were no drugs involved, despite the fact that someone was reportedly heard saying “flour-gang” in the background, which could have been a reference to cocaine.

The Finnish Prime Minister condemned the calls for her drug test, calling them inappropriate. However, she decided to undergo a test in order to prove that she hadn’t taken any illegal drugs.