Jack Smith Staffer’s White House Meetings ‘Under Investigation’


In the latest episode of his podcast “Verdict”, the conservative Republican Senator from Texas attacked the revelation that senior Justice Department Official Jay Bratt had met with White House Staffers both before and after joining the staff of Special Attorney Jack Smith.

Ted Cruz, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said that the meetings “appear to have gone well.” Contrary to Joe Biden’s false claim that he has never given instructions to people, Cruz stated, “The meetings appear to have gone well.”

The Texas man asked, “What did they do immediately after the meeting?”

He said, “They raided Mar-a-Lago.”

The senator stated that “they went and indicted Donald Trump.” They did what the White House political operatives wanted them to do. I have to say, the corruption that was on display would make Ukrainians blush.

Joseph R. Biden Jr., the President-elect of the United States, promised not to give Garland any direction when he nominated Merrick Garland as Attorney General.

“I want it to be very clear to the people who run this department: you won’t be working for me. You are not the lawyer of the vice president or president. “Your loyalty is not towards me,” he replied.

When Garland appointed Smith as Special Counsel to investigate Trump’s conduct, he pledged, in addition, that Smith would not take direction from the political leadership.

Garland stated that “such a nomination underscores the Department’s commitment to independence and accountability in particular sensitive matters.”

The attorney general stated that the system allows agents and prosecutors to work more quickly and make decisions based on facts and law.

Cruz said that news that staffers of a special prosecutor met with White House employees belies the notion that the special prosecutor’s investigation was free from interference.

Jon Levine, a reporter for the New York Post, reported that Bratt had at least three meetings with White House officials.

Bratt and Katherine Reilly, an aide of White House Chief Staff Ron Klain in September 2021 met.

Bratt and Carolina Saba met in November 2021. They met again in March. Bratt, Saba, and FBI agent Danielle Ray were all present at the meeting in March.

Bratt joined Smith’s team soon after his November 18th appointment.

Ben Ferguson, Cruz’s podcast host, asked the Senator how casual or easy it was to get a meeting at White House. “You can’t just go to the White House and make a meeting on your own?”

Cruz, who was a former Justice Department employee in the Bush administration, stated that these meetings were not casual.

He said that the case of Bratt was the next level in interference. He said that Bratt is a senior attorney in the Special Counsel’s Office.

He said it was pointless to set up a special prosecutor if the White House were involved.

Why do you appoint special counsels? “You appoint the special counsel to resolve a conflict with the White House because you want some political distance from them,” he said.

“I don’t believe there is an innocent explanation.”