Job Creators Network Demands Biden Cease And Desist Pushing Small Businesses To Comply With Illegal Vaccine Mandate


The Job Creators Network, one of the largest advocacy groups for small businesses, recently filed a notice at the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and sent a letter to President Joe Biden expressing concern about his administration’s vaccine mandate.

CEO Alfredo Ortiz wrote that the White House is willing to contempt the court by continuing to press businesses to comply with the illegal mandate. He wrote that the Job Creators Network notified the court about the White House’s inexcusable pressure to the mandate. He states that Biden and Psaki should stop pushing small businesses to comply with the illegal edict.

Biden’s administration is trying to enforce a vaccine mandate for private employers employing 100 or more employees, which has been met with massive legal opposition. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans stopped it for the second time this month, with the judge pointing out grave constitutional and statutory issues.

OSHA has since suspended implementing the vaccine mandate.

JNC states that the White House continues to willfully ignore the judiciary and calls on small businesses to implement the rule by January 2022.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki stated earlier that the White House’s message to businesses is to move forward with measures.

Job Creators Network urges the Court to immediately hear and resolve the legal challenges related to the mandate.

JCN placed a billboard in Times Square last month calling out the Biden White House for its mandate to immunize private employers employing 100 or more employees.