Joe Biden Again Refers To President Harris In Speech With Vice President


    On Tuesday, President Joe Biden referred to Vice President Kamala Harris again as “President Harris”, apparently forgetting that he is the president of the United States. “Last Week, President Harris, and I …” Biden began, referring to the speeches they made on Capitol Hill to mark the first anniversary of January 6, 2020 protests.

    During a speech in Georgia, the president addressed Harris and January 6th protests and criticized Senate Republicans and Democrats for blocking legislation to federalize state- and local elections. “Pass the Freedom to Vote Act. Biden stated, “Pass it now!” He demanded reform of filibuster that would allow the bill to move forward, despite the fact that two Democrat senators are resisting any political pressure to do so.

    Biden lashed out at the Senate for the 50-50 split. He complained that it was just a shell of its formal self – an institution once known as the “greatest deliberative organ in the world.” He stated that he supports changing the filibuster in “any way they need to change” so that election can be federalized.

    Biden concluded, “To protect democracy, I support changing Senate rules.” “When it comes down to protecting the majority rule in America the majority should rule the United States Senate.”