Joe Biden Says Not To Treat A Fellow American As An Enemy After Stoking Fear And Anger Against Extreme MAGA


President Joe Biden encouraged Americans to fight hate and rise up, while Democrats and he continue to incite fear and anger towards supporters of Make America Great Again ahead of the midterm election.

We know this. Hate-fuelled violence is born in fertile soil of toxic division,” he stated, adding that “We must confront the ways our toxic division fuels this crisis. Our differences.”

He said, “Certainly don’t turn a fellow American into an sworn enemy.”

At a summit called “Unity,” the president addressed the White House and encouraged Americans to end “hate-fueled violence.”

Biden didn’t mention his recent attempts to incite fear and anger against former President Donald Trump’s supporters by calling them “semifascists” and also recent comments made by Tim Ryan (Democratic senate candidate) calling for Americans “to kill and confront” the MAGA Movement.

President Obama urged Americans to unite against “the threat of violence” in order to win.

He urged people to take action by saying, “Folks! It’s not only the federal government that can do something, it’s everyone who has a part in this story.”

The president compiled a lengthy list of America’s racist past, pointing out a “throughline of hatred” in America that has also led to violence against other religions.

He said, “The through-line of hatred never completely goes away. It only hides.”

He acknowledged that he believed hate could be “defeated” as a senator, but that he now realizes that it can thrive again if there is enough “oxygen”.

He said that Trump’s presidency had given it too much oxygen over the past few years. “Too much hatred all for power and profit.”

He said, “It’s all about power and profit,” and criticized people for allowing “extremist violent” to “fester & grow.”

The president also advised the audience to not be intimidated by critics.

He said, “Folks, we can’t be intimidated” by those talking about it as if we were a bunch of whacko Liberals …,”.

He stated again that domestic terrorism, which is rooted in white supremacy, was the greatest threat to the United States.

He yelled, “Enough!”

He exhorted Americans to condemn hatred.

He said, “If you are silent, it is complicity.” “We can’t remain silent.”

He added, “In silence wounds deepen.”