Joe Biden Senate Papers Still Hidden From Public


Corporate media and Democrat politicians focus on boxes of White House documents that former President Donald Trump reportedly had at Mar-A-Lago. However, Senator Joe Biden’s Senate papers remain secret from the public. Biden’s Senate papers are said to fill 1,875 boxes. They also contain 415 gigabytes worth of electronic records that span Biden’s tenure in the Senate from 1973 through 2009.┬áThese documents contain “committee report, drafts of legislation” and Biden’s personal correspondence.

Biden said that the documents contain “a lot of confidential discussions” in a 2020 interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Tara Reade filed a complaint against Biden for sexual misconduct in an interaction she allegedly had with Biden in 1993.

In 2011, Biden gave his Senate Papers, which he had written, to the University of Delaware. He stipulated that the papers would be made available after he was Vice President. The University of Delaware changed the release date of the papers one day before Biden announced that he would be running for president in 2020.

The papers will not be released on December 31, 2019, as the University did not provide a definition of what constitutes “public life” so the final release date is unknown.

Biden claimed the papers couldn’t be released during his presidential campaign despite requesting that former President Donald Trump release sensitive financial information.