Joe Rogan and Tom Segura Criticize Donald Trump


Joe Rogan, a popular podcast host, and media personality continues to criticize President Donald Trump. Rogan is trying to distance himself from Trump after he was linked to the former president in mainstream media.

Rogan was talking to comedian Tom Segura on Thursday’s podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Segura claimed that Trump was “full f-ing energetic.” Rogan replied by saying that Trump was “on Adderall.”

Segura said that Trump would also “get bored at the CIA briefings in the mornings.”

Rogan replied:

“I heard that they would include his name in briefings several times to keep him interested.”

Segura replied, saying:

His son-in-law, Jared Kushner, had devised a formula to keep him interested… it was ‘two bad, one good. So if they were going to give him bad news, they would start with good news. They say, “This is going well, everyone’s excited with you about it, here’s the bad thing.” People love you for this.

Segura’s reply was laughed at by Rogan, who replied: “Of course, he’s a man baby.”

Segura said, “He’s just a toddler.”

Rogan didn’t support Trump. He voted for Jo Jorgensen in 2020, the Libertarian candidate. Rogan, however, has publicly criticized the Biden administration for their failures and endorsed Ron DeSantis in a bid for the 2024 White House if DeSantis chooses to run for president.

Rogan also stated that he would never host Trump’s podcast in the past.

“By and large, I am not a Trump supporter in any form. I have had multiple times the chance to interview him, but I always said no. I don’t want him to help me… I don’t care about helping him.”

On average, Rogan receives 11 million listeners per episode.

All indications point to Trump running as President in 2024, but he hasn’t made a formal decision.

Trump has been supporting many candidates through the primaries, as he prepares to announce his candidacy for the White House.

We have already reported that a GOP operative forecasted Trump would announce his candidacy early to keep DeSantis from the 2024 race. It seems that there will be many candidates interested in running regardless of Trump’s decision.

Rogan and Elon Musk will back DeSantis if he runs.