Kamala Harris Attends Inauguration Of Honduran President With Antisemitic Ties


    Kamala Harris, Vice President, attended the inauguration of socialist President Xiomara Cruz in Honduras on Thursday. Her husband Manuel Zelaya has a history full of antisemitic statements. He also tried to rig a 2009 referendum.
    Zelaya made Jews the victim of his 2009 removal from power, claiming that he was being targeted by “Israeli militiamen.” Democrats, however, supported the left-wing leader.

    The Honduran military removed Manuel Zelaya, the former president, from office in June 2009. This was after Zelaya attempted to rig the constitutional referendum. Democrats, including John Kerry, then-Secretary of State, and Jan Schakowsky, a representative from Illinois, accused Zelaya of being radical and antisemitic and supported his efforts for a return to power.

    Obama’s administration supported Zelaya literally, trying to intervene and punish Hondurans with the suspension of visa services. Obama supported Zelaya enthusiastically, declaring that he respected the universal principle that people choose their leaders. He also stated that it would be a terrible precedent to move backward in the era when we see military coups as a way of political transition and not democratic elections.

    Yet, all evidence showed that Zelaya was removed legally and properly. Kerry attempted to reverse the finding of the Law Library of Congress that Zelaya’s expulsion was constitutional. Kerry tried to stop a Honduran fact-finding mission by Senator Jim DeMint (R – SC) as well.

    Thursday is International Holocaust Remembrance Day as it was established by the United Nations in 2005.

    Harris posted a tweet about the Holocaust and promised to “fight antisemitism [sic] wherever it [sic]] exists.” Then she tweeted about her trip to Honduras without irony. She failed to mention Zelaya’s history of antisemitism.

    Honduras is one of the Central American countries from which many migrants are arriving in large numbers to the United States. Harris was given the task of addressing the “root causes”, but critics point out that she has not done much.