Kamala Harris Marks Dobbs Anniversary with Renewed Fear Tactics—Will It Keep Working?


The Dobbs decision, which reversed Roe v. Wade two years ago, is being commemorated by Vice President Kamala Harriman, who will deliver fear-mongering speeches to mark the occasion in Arizona and Maryland.

Axios reports:

The Biden campaign uses the Roe decision to accuse former president Trump again of wanting to impose an abortion ban on a national level. It is looking to make reproductive rights the main topic of the CNN debate scheduled for June 27.

Donald Trump has no intention of imposing an abortion ban on a national level, but Democrats are willing to do anything to distract attention from Joe Biden’s daily episodes of brain/body freezing, the terrible economy, and the rising crime rates, especially those committed by criminals illegal aliens. The abortion issue can only become a “major topic” during the debate on June 27 if Joe Biden can speak a full sentence or if CNN moderators step in for Biden.

Trump’s responses to abortion questions during the campaign have been excellent. Trump’s answers to abortion questions during this campaign have been good.

Trump’s comments on the issue are:

This [issue] is tearing apart our country for over 50 years…We are not radicals. They are the radicals because they will kill a baby after eight months or nine months.

Trump advised his members how to approach the issue during a campaign meeting on Capitol Hill on June 13:

According to several members present, Trump also said that the state should decide the abortion issue and emphasized his support for exceptions.

Former President Bush told his congressional colleagues that abortion had “cost” Republicans politically but it was “too critical to ignore.”

He claimed that Democrats were the “radicals,” and that they “support abortion to the point that no one supports it.” He called Republicans the “party with common sense.”

Trump’s position is in line with the Republican establishment, and the campaign apparatus – which urges Republicans to emphasize state-level solutions including reasonable exceptions.

Democrats are the party that supports killing American children after they leave the womb.

Bring it on