Kamala Harris Slammed For Tone-Deaf Air Force One Photo During Protest


Democrats slammed Kamala Harris, Vice President Kamala Harris, for posting a “tone deaf” picture that showed her watching protests against abortion rights aboard Air Force One.

Harris claimed she was “fighting” for abortion rights, but Harris was reprimanded for posting an image that showed her flying to Europe rather than protesting the Supreme Court’s decision not to uphold Roe v. Wade.

“Um. “Um. Joan McCarter (politics writer at the Daily Kos) tweeted, “I’m not sure you guys understand where the rest of the us are right now.” :

“Could your be more specific? What are your tactics? Hillary Kelly, a New York magazine reporter, asked:

Imani Barbarin (who identifies herself as “she/her Black boy magic+disabled pride” on Twitter) questioned the identity of the communications director who suggested that the photo was a good idea.

“Who was the strategist who decided that a photo op aboard a taxpayer-funded private plane, both metaphorically and physically above people looking pensively, while not demonstrating any action, was a good idea?” Barbarin tweeted.

Harris was criticised by the Associated Press on Monday. Harris was “leading” the fight against abortion, a stark contrast to how many Democrats feel about Harris’s efforts on the subject.

Will Weissert, AP reporter, stated that Harris has been a prominent voice in the Biden administration on abortion rights ever since May. A leaked draft opinion was published to show Roe v. Wade being nullified.

Harris took to the topic with passion, both personal and professional. Harris has spent the past weeks sounding the alarm about Roe being upended and setting precedents for new restrictions on everything, from contraception to in vitro fertilization to gay marriages and the right of vote,” Harris said.

Harris gave a word salad on Friday afternoon as Harris was the AP’s communications coverage for the vice president. Harris spoke out about Roe v. Wade’s Supreme Court decision. She stated that she pushes to move forward and that she is guided by what they see as possible. She claimed that she knew everyone in the room understood this.

This incoherent language seems to be a common trait for the vice president, who has made numerous communication errors during her tenure.

McLaughlin & Associates polled 50 percent of respondents on Friday to find it “likely” that Harris will be elected president before President Joe Biden finishes his four-year term.