Key Detail Absent in Media Coverage of FBI Raid on Joe Biden’s Rehoboth Residence


We reported earlier that President Joe Biden’s lawyer Bob Bauer said Wednesday morning in a statement that the Biden Dept. The Department of Justice was searching for classified documents at the Biden Dept.’s Rehoboth Beach, Delaware residence.

Bauer wrote that “Today, with President’s full cooperation and support, the DOJ is conducting an operation to search his house in Rehoboth (Delaware).” “In the interest of operational security, integrity, and standard DOJ procedures, it requested that this work be done without prior notice to the public. We agreed to cooperate.”

He noted that the search was a further step in an efficient and timely DOJ process which he will continue to support and facilitate. At the end of today’s search, we will have more information.

Questions are already being raised about why the public is being informed of this search – including the FBI – by the president’s lawyer versus the DOJ or, more importantly, the mainstream media. They have the responsibility to learn these things in advance from their source and have teams available for live reports/photos.

Here’s a quick flashback:

However, I don’t think that what’s been happening today is relevant to Biden’s home on the beach.

Other people also noted this, including Ric Grenell, former Director of National Intelligence and Trump’s acting Director.

“Why doesn’t @CBSNews have this?” Is he racing to your house to do Breaking News cut-ins? Where’s @jonkarl? Grenell was responding to a tweet by a CBS News producer about the news, “Where’s @jonkarl?”

The KateHydeNY Twitter account asked, “Did they arrive at 4 am with @CNN?”

As I have said before, even though the mainstream media is being more aggressive than I expected regarding the Biden classified document scandal, there’s still some “playing cleanup” among the Usual Suspects, as they attempt to absolve Joe Biden from wrongdoing in a court of public opinion.

Although this isn’t the first or last time that the MSM has interfered with Joe Biden, it’s important to document it for future reference.