KJP Smiles Her Way Through Mini-Rebellion During WH Press Briefing


Reporters confronted Karine Jean Pierre, White House press secretary, at the end of Thursday’s briefing. She explained that President Joe Biden is restricted in his access to them.

Jean-Pierre was asked by a White House reporter to discuss Friday’s meeting between President Obama and Leo Varadkar the Irish Prime Minister.

One report said, “But he doesn’t answer questions. ”

Jean Pierre stated, after a series shouting by a bunch of reporters, “That’s False, he Answered Questions,”

One person said that the press is always shouted at while we’re at Oval Office. ”

Another person stated that they shout at us to get out. ”

Jean-Pierre laughed and said, “I hear you guys guys, I hear your guys,” It is not something you can unilaterally decide, but it is something you can discuss with the other country.

She said, “As everyone knows, the president is well-known for asking shotted questions often, but the two plus-2 decision is not unilateral. It is made in coordination and cooperation with the visiting country. ”

Varadkar will meet with Biden at the White House for a bilateral meeting. He will also attend an annual breakfast at Naval Observatory with Vice President Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff.

The White House Press Team was repeatedly criticised by the media for not being able answer questions from Biden.