Leftists Go Into Full Frenzy Over Trump’s Laptop Being Found


Leftists have continued to exacerbate Hunter Biden’s laptop news over the past two years, with multiple, multi-pronged efforts to deny its authenticity and cover it up. Leftists dismissed everything that patriots had said in recent years about Hunter Biden’s laptop and started throwing it at those who claim that Trump’s endless investigations were a hyper-partisan witchhunt.

Fox News Saturday report about Trump’s laptop was really about its utility for the Left. Or, to be more precise, how useful the Left thinks it will prove. After years of Republicans talking with Hunter Biden about his laptop, which contained suspicious communications and business information possibly involving President Biden over the years, Democrats now have an opportunity to talk to him about a laptop that belonged to an aide to Trump. The laptop was turned over to authorities after a search for classified data.

It’s amazing for Democrats! Does the Trump laptop contain photos of Trump having sex in public with prostitutes and ex-presidents?

Ted Lieu (Democrat-Witch Hunt Representative) was enthusiastic but also expressed moral outrage at the hypocrisy displayed by Republicans. “Since MAGA Republicans are obsessed with laptops,” @HouseGOP should have a hearing on the Trump laptop that illegally held classified data. Instead, House GOP held an idiotic hearing about what Twitter had said about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Ryan Shead, a leftist activist, laughed that he was a federal contractor for 12 years. He asked people to give their IDs when they took photos in an airplane hangar. This would result in immediate termination. The Leftists were hysterical about what this all could mean. ”

It would be reasonable to assume that Leftists would have learned from their mistakes and would now know better than Trump. CNN reports that investigators received the thumb drive and laptop belonging to an aide to Save America PAC.

Trump’s aide copied files but Trump didn’t know they were classified. Now, leftist talk heads are ready to hang him. Trump’s aide copied files but Trump didn’t know they were classified. The obvious lesson will not be learned by Leftists. They will continue looking for an opportunity to do it again.