Left’s Claim Critical Race Theory Not Taught In Schools Falls Apart


GOP victories in Virginia’s top government positions were largely due to the fact that Republican candidates listened and supported parents fighting their local schools against Critical Race Theory. While CNN’s Brianna Keilar disagreed with Senator Rick Scott over CRT, he claimed that it is not being taught at Virginia schools. Scott pointed to Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin’s ability to listen and discuss the real issues facing families.

Scott spoke about the things he believes GOP will do in 2022 as they approach midterm elections, adding that Glenn Youngkin won his election because he talked to issues. Democrats have tried to deny that Virginia’s CRT is being used to indoctrinate their children while parents are aware of this. Parents don’t like being lied to.

Scott was prepared with facts from Virginia Department of Education’s “What We are Reading” page. This list lists books written or supported by CRT, including How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram Kendi and Foundations of Critical Race Theory in Education by Edward Taylor, David Gillborn, and Gloria Ladson–Billings.

Dean Phillips, a Minnesota Democrat Representative, also stated that CRT is not being taught to schools in his comments about the GOP wins of Virginia. Phillips stated that he is saddened that we aren’t able to create a narrative more truthful about the situation because critical race theory doesn’t get taught in elementary or high schools. He said it is time that we begin articulating this a little better.

Phillips’ campaign website discussed understanding systemic racism and that it is crucial that we understand the long history of our nation’s racial discrimination. He mentions resources to promote systemic changes, such as “1619,” which is a podcast from the New York Times. His anti-CRT movement TakeCharge, has decried the presupposition of CRT and has pledged to “educate the public” about its origins. But it’s clear that the narrative that CRT is “not part of the curriculum” has failed.

In Indiana, a STEM administrator and educator even addressed parents last week and stated that school officials who claim they don’t teach CRT are lying when they say so. Tony Kinnett stated, “When we tell schools that schools don’t teach Critical Race Theory because it’s not in our standards.” He explained that the theories and quotes are not state standards per see. Kinnett stated that the curriculum takes advantage of children’s vulnerability through social snake-oil schemes that are designed to create division.

Even the Washington Post published a piece called, “Democrats are Lying About Critical Race Theory.”

The Post wrote how it has become a refrain of the left and its media echo chamber following GOP Glenn Youngkin’s victory in Virginia governor’s election that Critical race theory is not being taught at schools. This is demonstrably false.

Yamiche Alcindor, a PBS White House correspondent, recently accused the GOP that they won by lying about critical race theory. Sen. Mark R. Warner declared that there is no school in Virginia that teaches it. He also promoted an “imaginary” issue to manipulate low-information people, engaging in “race-baiting lies” and blowing “racist dog whistles.” NSBA officials wrote to President Joe Biden in September asking for more law enforcement because public school officers are also facing physical threats from parents due to CRT propaganda.

NSBA officials stated that the propaganda continues despite that critical race theory has not been taught in public schools and remains a complicated law school and graduate subject well beyond the scope of a kindergarten class. Superintendents across the country have continued to deny that CRT is being taught in schools, despite partnering companies that train teachers in CRT principles so that they can indoctrinate students.

The United States Conference of Mayors passed a resolution in September during its annual convention, in which its members pledged support for CRT teaching in K-12 schools.