Matt Gaetz Says Most Republicans Who Support McCarthy ‘Benefit’ From Special Interest Money


According to Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, most Republicans who support Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House “benefit from special interest money”, according to the Daily Caller.

Gaetz made it clear that he won’t vote for McCarthy as speaker. He wrote an opinion piece with the Daily Caller in which he accused McCarthy of having “no ideologies” and gave him the moniker “Cavin McCarthy.”

Gaetz was interviewed by The Caller at Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest conference. He was asked further about his views on who should speak in the House with the new Republican majority.

“I won’t vote for Kevin McCarthy because I believe he is a shill of establishment. Gaetz stated that Kevin McCarthy is nothing more than a conduit through which lobbyists, special interests, and others operate.

He said, “The main reason that most of my Republican colleagues support him is because they receive redistribution by McCarthy of lobbyist and special interests money to their campaign accounts.” “The bottom line, it’s not going work anymore.”

Gaetz stated that the House needed someone like Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan. This coincides with his tweets calling for Jordan’s candidacy for the Speakership.

Gaetz stated that Jim Jordan is the right speaker for the House. He can project a vision and has the confidence and trust of people from all walks of the House.