Matt Walsh Criticizes Fox News for Using Female Pronouns to Address Males


Matt Walsh, a conservative commentator from the Daily Wire, criticizes Fox News for perpetuating radical gender ideologies by using preferred pronouns to refer to people who identify themselves as transgender.

Walsh, known for fighting the absurd dogmas of left-wing gender-bending movements, argued that Fox was not a conservative news outlet.

“Fox continues to promote radical left-wing gender ideology by referring to men as ‘she.’ This is not even a remotely conservative media outlet. They have long since adopted the most extreme and absurd positions of the left,” he tweeted while highlighting an article about transgender woman Dylan Mulvaney that referred to the biological man using female pronouns.

The subtitle reads: “Mulvaney stated that, despite all the difficulties she has experienced, she still strives to show ‘grace” for her critics.”

The outlet’s other articles show a pattern of consistently following left-wing gender ideologies rather than using pronouns that align with each individual’s biological sex.

I don’t believe that the average 75-year-old Fox viewer is aware of how pro-trans Fox has become. Walsh continued in a second tweet.

Robby Starbuck also criticized Fox for the same issue.

Starbucks shared a screenshot from an article on the website, tweeting “Fox News continues to use pronouns delusional males demand they use.” “Notice also the framing that this guy’s work was ‘all for nothing’ because World Athletics had a spine and wouldn’t allow this man to cheat by competing against females. What’s going on at Fox?”

In recent weeks, there has been an upsurge of criticism against Fox News since Tucker Carlson was removed from its lineup.

Carlson announced that he plans to launch his own show on Twitter. The video where he announced this has been viewed by 23.8 million people.