Matt Walsh Interviews A Teammate of Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas and Delivers Stunning Revelations


The “Transgender” swimmer Lia Thomas is a hot topic as the biological male has taken over NCAA women’s swimming. After Thomas won the Atlanta, GA national championship earlier in the year, the controversy exploded.

The swimmer also gave a recent interview to Good Morning America. He displayed a disturbing level of arrogance and narcissism. Listen to Thomas talk about Thomas and the things that make him feel good. It might be better to not have teammates, and I imagine how it must make women feel.

We don’t need to imagine anymore. Matt Walsh was able to interview Thomas’ teammate for his documentary “What Is a Woman?”. In the film, the anonymous swimmer (whose identity is kept secret and her voice distorted in order to protect it) gives shocking revelations about the university’s efforts to suppress any dissent.

The Daily Wire has more details.

Walsh told the swimmer that there were many things they couldn’t talk about, which was troubling.

An anonymous athlete stated that no basic concerns regarding the locker room were raised. She said that if they were, it was obvious you would be called “transphobic.”

The woman mentioned that Thomas still has male sexual organs that are exposed in what should have been a women’s bathroom. To be clear, surgery would not “remove” the biological reality of the situation. Self-mutilation doesn’t make a woman a man.

Nevertheless, she revealed that UPenn, which is the university where this all takes place, actually provided psychological support…for the ladies.

She continued, “If you bring up the possibility that Lia’s swimming might be unfair, you’re immediately turned down and labeled a hateful person or transphobic.”

Walsh said, “But there’s no conversation — the coach didn’t sit down and acknowledge all of their frustrations?”

“So, Penn actually brought people high up within the athletic department to speak to us, such as brought in someone LGBTQ center, or brought in someone psychological services,” said the female swimmer.

This is simply amazing. This is a case of a biological man pretending to be a woman and being allowed to take over women’s swimming at the college level (and possibly soon at the Olympics). The university is like, “Do you know who really requires psychological help?” The women are the stars of this team.”

To be clear, the help offered was not to address the concerns of female swimmers. According to the interviewer, the goal was to force them to accept what was happening. She said that there was nothing to be discussed. It is still a “comply-or-get out” situation in which women are subjected at will to a biological man in a locker room, who steals their chances and tells them they are the problem.

Walsh was told by a teammate that “they’ve made it quite clear, if they speak out about it, your whole life will be over and you’ll be blasted all across the internet as a transphobe,’ and you won’t be able to get a job.”

Walsh promises much more in the documentary. Be sure to check out more clips and reports about what was said.

I am shocked, and I mean it in the worst possible way, that women are subject to this kind of treatment to feed the narcissisms of a biological man. This is wrong, and most Americans are aware of it. They are afraid to speak out for fear of being labeled bigots. It is certain that Walsh will soon identify the woman who gave Walsh this interview, and that her life will be a living hell. Although we use the term “brave” far more often than necessary, in this instance, it seems to be true.