Mayorkas Says His New Disinformation Police Won’t Monitor U.S. Citizens


Alejandro Mayorkas, DHS Secretary, made rounds of talk-head shows on Sunday to address concerns about the Biden administration’s Disinformation Governance Board at the Department of Homeland Security as an open war against freedom of speech. These concerns were further exacerbated when it was revealed that Nina Jankowicz (chief of Old Joe’s Thought Police) is a passionate fascist who sings songs about censorship in an English accent. Mayorkas is now telling us that there is nothing to be concerned about. Mayorkas’ soothing claims are a sign that he is trying to spread more disinformation than he claims.

Already, we’ve received misinformation about Disinformation Governance Board. Jen Psaki claimed that the Board was not created by the sainted President Dementia. Instead, it was the hated Trump. This is not true. Even Mayorkas claimed that the Board was “new.” On Sunday, CNN’s Dana Bash questioned Mayorkas about whether he would be OK if Donald Trump became president. Mayorkas did not echo Psaki’s assertion and replied that Trump had created the Board. He insisted that “we’re protecting the right to free speech, and that we’re protecting civil liberties.”

Bash, despite working for CNN, was a true journalist and pursued Mayorkas about the main problems with the Board. She said that it was still unclear to her how the governance board would act and what it would do. It is not clear to anyone. Mayorkas couldn’t answer this important question.

Sure. It reminded me of politicians who promise to do amazing things for us and lower our taxes while at the same time, they make it sound magical. Mayorkas is similar to a magician. He’ll stop disinformation and protect freedom of speech. Houdini a regular.

Bash asked Mayorkas if American citizens would be monitored. His response was unambiguous and reassuring. The board has no operational authority or capability. It will gather best practices for dealing with the threat of disinformation by foreign state adversaries from cartels and distribute those best practices to operators who have been executing this task for years.

It’s not about Americans, it’s all about disinformation from “foreign state’s adversaries” or “the cartels”. Politico first reported the existence of the Board on Wednesday. It said the Board would coordinate countering misinformation regarding homeland security. This was primarily focused on irregular migration and Russia. Jen Psaki then speculated about the possible areas that the Board might address. “We know that there has been a variety of [disinformation] out about a range of topics, I mean COVID, as well as elections and eligibility.”

Mayorkas and Psaki both mentioned elections. The Leftist establishment has insisted that any doubt about the integrity and honesty of the 2020 presidential election is “disinformation.” However, the Disinformation Governance Board will not be dealing with this issue at all. It will only deal with disinformation about elections in other countries. The same goes for COVID claims. There has been a lot of domestic doubt about them (remember Biden’s winter of severe illness, death?) The Board is able to swoop in only if Vladimir Putin or a leader of a drug cartel suggests that the virus may have originated in Wuhan. Are you sure, Mr. Mayorkas?

Mayorkas seems to believe that this is what we should believe. Fox’s Bret Baier stated to Mayorkas that Americans are wary of any suggestion of censorship. Mayorkas replied that his Board was the solution. “That is precisely why we created this working group to ensure that our work to address a real danger to the homeland, that the threat posed by Russian disinformation and the threat posed by Chinese disinformation and by Iranian disinformation does not infringe people’s freedom of speech. This is why the working group was created. We will do a better job communicating about that.” But from what he has said so far, it seems that Mayorkas’ claim “the work we do does not infringe people’s freedom of speech” will look as faked as Trump’s claim that he colluded with Russia. If you didn’t believe that one, remember that you were a distributor of “disinformation”.