Mom’s Boyfriend Arrested After Being Caught on Camera Brutally Beating 5-Year-Old


A Florida woman’s boyfriend has been arrested after she reported to police that she had seen him beat her 5-year-old son in her home on camera as punishment for wetting the bed.

The horrific incident occurred on Wednesday, after the mother left her son with her boyfriend Shawn Stone (32), at their Deland home.

She had a gut feeling, so she checked the cameras in her room and found that her boyfriend was kicking and punching her son’s head while he was lying in a fetal pose in his bed.

She said that the boy had begged Stone to stop. Stone then grabbed a mop and began beating him with it. The image on the camera stopped when he did.

In an arrest report, police noted that the boy had suffered various injuries, including lacerated lips with fresh blood, bruising around his eyes and face, as well as a bruise shaped like a mop handle.

The child was also suffering from a fractured skull.

Stone allegedly told deputies that he grew angry with the boy because he had urinated in his bed and admitted to slapping the boy in the mouth but denied hitting him with the mop. He is quoted as saying that his “anger got the best of me.

Stone’s previous use of methamphetamine was confirmed by the woman.

The man was arrested and booked at the Volusia county jail. He was charged with first-degree felony aggravated child maltreatment.

According to a report by the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Stone has a lengthy criminal record, which includes charges of burglary and armed burglary as well as possession of firearms by a felon convicted of crimes, grand theft of firearms, and grand theft.