Monica Lewinsky’s Twitter Poll Doesn’t Go Down the Way She Hoped


Monica Lewinsky apparently is not happy with the Twitter changes and decided to take action.

She ran a Twitter survey.

Elon Musk, Twitter’s new CEO, has conducted two Twitter polls over the past week to determine the direction of the company. The first poll was about whether Donald Trump’s account should ever be restored.

Trump won and Twitter activated his account.

Next, the poll asked whether Twitter accounts that were banned by the previous regime should be granted amnesty so they can return to the platform.

Amnesty was won and accounts that were previously barred will be reinstated this week.

Evidently, Lewinsky doesn’t like it.

The former White House intern, armed with her preferred pronouns, and a grudge, wanted to prove that Musk is reckless in how he runs his new company. She asked Twitter’s people who should make important decisions for Twitter: employees or the public.

Public polls were the winners. It wasn’t even close.

Nearly 90% of respondents to the poll felt that public polls were better than employees for key decisions on Twitter.

This speaks volumes.