Most Democrats Don’t Want Biden To Run For President In 2024


Recent surveys have shown that the majority of Americans don’t want President Joe Biden to run for president again. In fact, less than 25% of Biden 2020 voters think he should try again.

Premise poll: “Do you think Joe Biden should run as President in 2024?”

60% said Biden shouldn’t run again, and 40% said he should. A 23-point gap exists between Democrats and Republicans who reject the idea that Biden should run again. 61 percent say he shouldn’t, while 38 percent believe he should.

33 percent of respondents were asked which Democrat they prefer to Joe Biden. 23 percent chose Vice President Kamala Hariri, 9 percent selected California Governor. Gavin Newsom (D), and fourteen percent said that Hillary Clinton was a twice-failed presidential candidate.

These results are in line with a survey by TheEconomist/YouGov that found 58 percent of respondents saying Biden shouldn’t run again in 2024. Only 17 percent thought he should.

According to the survey, 37% of Democrats don’t believe Biden should run for president again in 2024. Then there are 34% who aren’t sure and 28% who think he should.

Surprisingly, only 24 percent of 2020 Biden voters would like him to run again within the next two years. 38 percent of Biden 2020 voters said he shouldn’t.

The same survey revealed that 65 percent of respondents consider Biden a weak leader. Of those, 41 percent believe he is very weak.

These surveys were conducted as Americans struggle with an economy in recession and 41-year-high inflation, despite dismissal by the White House.