Musk Orders Staff To Commit To Hardcore Twitter Or Accept Severance


Elon Musk is increasing his pressure on Twitter employees, requesting that they adhere to new standards and resign.

According to the Washington Post, Twitter’s owner sent a memo to employees late Tuesday telling them that they needed to sign a commitment to remain with the company. They would be fired if they didn’t sign before Thursday evening and get three months of severance. Musk’s desire for cost savings at his company, as he prepares for the $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, is reflected in the memo.

Musk claims that Twitter will now be “extremely difficultcore.” This will require you to work long hours and at high intensity. Only exceptional performance will be considered for a passing grade.

This ultimatum comes less then a week after Musk reversed his remote-work policy. He demanded that employees work in the office or risk being fired. Musk has already laid off half of his company’s employees and claims that the company is still over-inflated. Musk will likely pay $1 billion per year in interest to repay the loans he took to buy the company.

Musk also delayed one the most anticipated updates to its premium services. Musk announced that users would be able to verify themselves for $7.99 per month through Twitter Blue. He had originally planned to release the product following the midterm elections. Later, Musk announced that he would “punt” Blue’s launch to Nov. 29, to ensure it was high-quality.

Twitter is under increasing pressure from advertisers. They have started to remove their campaigns from Twitter because they are concerned about Musk’s potential change in the company’s content moderation policies.