Nearly One-Third Say DeSantis Should Only Run For President If Trump Does Not


    Nearly one-third of voters believe Florida governor. An Echelon Insights poll released this week showed that Ron DeSantis should not run for President in 2024 if Donald Trump does not.

    A Survey of 1,029 registered voters was taken between January 21 and 23, 2022. It asked Republicans and Republican-leaning voters which candidate they would vote for in the primary election if Trump didn’t run. DeSantis led the pack with 28 percent. Only two other candidates, former Vice President Mike Pence (16%) and Donald Trump Jr. (11%), received double-digit support.

    The survey asked, “If you could vote for any Republican candidate in the 2024 Republican presidential primaries, who would you choose?” This gave voters the option of choosing between Trump or DeSantis. Trump is ahead by double digits in this scenario — 57% to DeSantis’s 32%. 41% of those polled said they would vote for Trump. Only 17% said they would vote for the Florida governor.

    The poll asked voters to choose which of the following was closest to their views, even though none were exactly correct. Ron DeSantis should …”. He presented the following options:

    Nearly one-third, 31 percent, believed DeSantis should only be elected if Trump does not decide to run. Another 26 percent thought he should run in 2024, “regardless of Donald Trump is running or not.” A further 18 percent stated he shouldn’t run for president while a quarter is unsure.

    Trump and DeSantis have not announced their candidacies for president. However, Trump suggested it was on his radar by saying, while he was playing on the golf course this week, that he is the “45th” and the 47th president.

    A Harvard-Harris poll, released this week, showed that Trump is perceived as a better president than Biden by 53 percent to 47 percent.