NPR Wants to Queer Youth Stating Date Yourself, Redefine Sex, STIs Are Not Dirty


National Public Radio (NPR), used July 4, to broadcast a segment on “queer” sexual education. It promotes masturbation and redefines sex. The segment denounces the “terrible lie” that sexually transmitted diseases make one “dirty”.

The story is part of the left-wing media’s Life Kit series which it calls “service journalism.”

NPR created a connection between the story and Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law. It is called the “Don’t Say Gay” legislation.

NPR’s host stated that similar bills have been proposed by more than a dozen states. This could impact the sex education curriculum. Lilly Quiroz, NPR’s Life Kit contributor, explains the basics behind queer sex education.

NPR interviewed a “sexuality educator” who also created and performed at “Vulgar” in Mexico City.

Milena Gioconda said, “One of the great opportunities about being queer is that we might not be as ensconced in some of those gender narratives or roles that can be kinda prescriptive around homosexuality.” It can be an amazing opportunity to explore our sexuality beyond those patterns and norms.

Milena Gaze encourages everyone to define sex, the reporter started using the stage name of the “sexual educator”.

“It would be pleasure-oriented interactions or experiences that involve some kind of arousal. Davis explained that this doesn’t necessarily mean it must end in orgasm.

The reporter suggests that one might date himself and engage in masturbation.

The reporter replied, “All right, y’all.” The second lesson is to get to know yourself and feel what pleasure means to you. Why do we have sex? Many people enjoy the sexual pleasure that it brings. It’s also great that we can get a lot of this pleasure all on our own. Set the mood for yourself, just as you would for someone you are interested in, and enjoy a date night. Take the time to explore every inch of your body.”

The report also downplays the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and the unjust “stigma” or “terrible lie,” that these diseases are “dirty.”

Davis stated that STIs can make you “dirty,” which is a horrible lie. Davis added, “And I also think that the other one is that if you get an STI your sex life will be over.” No, most STIs can be treated or curable. It doesn’t even have to be a mark of shame.