Partisan January 6 Committee To Delay Hearings Again


A spokesperson for the January 6 Committee stated that it will delay congressional hearings for several more weeks.

“The Select Committee continues receiving additional evidence in support of our investigation into January 6th’s violence and its causes. We will hold additional hearings over the next few weeks, following tomorrow’s hearing. The spokesperson said that we will soon announce the dates and times of those hearings.”

A new ABC News poll found that only 9 percent of Americans are paying attention to the hearings.

This is the second delay that the committee has caused hearings to be postponed. The delay in the second hearing was caused by the video team of the committee unable to keep up with the demands of the committee.

Our very small video staff finds it exhausting to put together the exhibits and video. We’re trying,” Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), told MSNBC.

Although the hearings were supposed to conclude by June 30, they were rescheduled to accommodate new revelations. However, it is not known what these might be.

Majority Leader Steny Hogue (D-MD), stated that there may be a need to hold future hearings based on the information obtained during the hearings.