Paul Krugman Touts Plan to Leave Twitter for Alternative Site, It’s Not Going Well


Paul Krugman, a pseudo-economist and liberal pundit, has become something of a prepper. He’s not stocking up food and supplies to avoid a supply chain crisis; he is preparing to quit Twitter in case free speech becomes too difficult.

Krugman said that he opened an account using an open-source Twitter alternative as a “precaution” in the event that Twitter fails to work.

He said, “So, I opened a Mastodon Account as a precautionary against the possible Muskocalypse at this site.”

Krugman attempted to justify his actions by saying that Elon Musk’s “apparently inexorable nastiness, childishness,” (read: commitment to free speech), will drive away users and advertisers. Krugman also predicts that Twitter’s usefulness will collapse.

To give you more context, Krugman predicted in 1998 that the Internet would have no greater impact on the economy than the fax machine.

It’s been just a day since Krugman’s Twitter backup plan was announced, and I find it amusing to tell you that it isn’t working.

He tweeted Monday, “Update: so far things are not going well at Mastodon.” “After the initial posting, nothing I try is showing up. It’s sending emails to people even though I set it not to. These are minor issues, I hope.

Oh, Krugman! Krugman is always a source of great humor.