Rand Paul To Force A Vote On Bill To End Mask Mandates On Planes


    Rand Paul recently said that he will force a vote to end mask mandates for planes in the next two weeks. He noted that leftist leaders are only lifting restrictions suddenly due to souring views, since “the science isn’t changing, but polls sure are.”

    He continued, stating that the mask mandates are “getting ready to disappear”. He said that he now is focusing on federal mandate which requires individuals to wear masks when flying.

    Last week, Sen. Tom Cotton (R.A.) made the same observation in a speech to the floor.

    “Sometimes, I hear the phrase, The science changed. Science hasn’t changed. He said that the only thing that has changed is that there is an election, and Democrats have seen polling on this question. They are now running scared and want to pretend they didn’t force your child to wear a mask for the past two years.

    Florida Gov. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), who has seen his state remain free and unaffected by Biden’s mandates but has made sure that Americans are aware of the fact that science has not changed.

    He said that rather, leaders of blue states are engaging in political maneuvers.

    “So, when you see them start to reevaluate or all that, just understand this. Science didn’t change. The medical science did not change. The political science has changed. They feel the heat. They are aware that voters have grown tired of constant lockdown policies,” DeSantis stated this month.

    He said, “They know they have offered no offramp to the people and they know they are going to be whooped at polls, so that is causing the epiphany.”

    The federal mask mandate for planes will expire on March 18, but it is not clear if the Biden administration will extend it.