Ron DeSantis Warns Leftists Will Impose Restrictions After The Midterm Elections


    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), warned Friday that leftists, who have had a sudden “epiphany”, and have lifted coronavirus restrictions within their states, will reimpose mandates if they feel the necessity after the midterm elections.

    “They will impose mandates as soon as those elections are over,” DeSantis said. “They will impose restrictions,” DeSantis stated during a roundtable discussion held in Doral, Florida. This was as blue state leaders lifted any remaining restrictions in their respective areas, months before the midterm elections.

    “And so it will happen. If these types of people are allowed in power, my view is that they have put Fauci in witness protection because he will tell them, “You know, no, you shouldn’t still wear a mask.” And he won’t say “Be normal, go back normal.” They know that and they also know that people don’t want that,” DeSantis stated, emphasizing that people want to make their own decisions.

    It’s fine to make a calculation on an individual basis. That’s fine. That’s what we encourage. It’s wrong to restrict people or mandate them, but that is what will happen. He said, “I guarantee you that in the winter of 2022 any of those people that are there, you will see that happen.”

    “The only way to ensure it doesn’t happen, is to have a nice, big, and red wave. He said, “We’ll see.”

    Last month, the governor issued a similar warning.

    “So, when you see them start to reevaluate or all that, just understand this. Science didn’t change. The medical science did not change. The political science has changed. He said that they feel the heat.

    “They realize that voters are tired of the constant lockdown policies. They are aware that they have offered no escape route and that they will be whooped at polls.

    Hawaii’s Democrat Governor. David Ige has already admitted to this. He said that he would reinstate the state’s mask policies — which were lifted March 25 — if COVID cases increase.