Ron DeSantis Won’t Talk to the MSM and It’s Driving Them Insane


Ron DeSantis truly is the standard for Republicans. Ron DeSantis is a natural fighter, who chooses his battles carefully, plays to win, and never, ever apologizes. They aren’t happy about it.

Semafor, a new lefty media offering helmed by former Buzzfeed and NYT journo Ben Smith, the guy who gave the ill-advised green light to publish the unfounded Steele dossier back in 2016, recently published a piece lamenting the fact that DeSantis has summarily dismissed their ilk in favor of right-leaning outlets. Writer Max Tani notes, “Over the last year, DeSantis has given just a handful of interviews. Almost all of them have been with Fox News primetime or morning hosts or major conservative podcasters.”

Boo-freaking hoo. They are there to promote radical leftist causes. Ron DeSantis is correct to ignore them.

Tani Semafor appears to be especially annoyed at the fact that DeSantis plans on talking to independent media outlets like the Florida Standard and Florida’s Voice. These websites are right-leaning and cover Florida news. Tani Semafor seems to be particularly annoyed by the fact that DeSantis plans to talk with independent media outlets such as the Florida Standard or Florida’s Voice.

Christina Pushaw is a DeSantis employee.

Fox News contributor Joe Concha argues that Semafor has no moral high ground.

“Is there a bigger joke than Semafor right now?” DeSantis won’t even appear on mainstream programs like The View, so what makes Semafor think that he is going to waste his time talking to them? All these left media companies want to do is run Republicans in the ground and that sounds like a waste of time for Ron DeSantis.

SBF is Sam Bankman Fried. He’s a crypto-shyster with wild locks who defrauded investors out of billions of dollars. These dollars were transferred to Democrat bank accounts, where they helped fund Semafor. Ben Smith was happy with the tainted money.

Steve Krakauer, a former CNN journalist, now works in conservative media. He stated that SBF always has the opportunity to change the narrative. The media that allowed ordinary people to lose their money through fraud by looking in the opposite direction, while he amassed wealth and power, drifted further from the culpability.

Semafor is a brand-new company that was launched in October. Krakauer does excellent actual journalism in his newsletter, “Fourth Watch”, and notes Semafor’s recent purchase of a large Chevron ad. This should be a warning sign about their leftist views regarding climate change. Semafor was in office only five weeks. This is an informative Twitter thread.

These people Ron DeSantis won’t talk to. These “journal activists” are bought and paid by the very same corporate interests as those who are literally burning down America. It is not beneficial to play by the left’s dishonest rules.