Sam Brinton Cuffed and Arrested Again


Welp! They did it again. Sam Brinton is the former Biden official, who was a “gender-fluid” LGBTQ advocate, and a so-called “nonbinary” person. The former deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel Disposal at the Office of Nuclear Energy was taken out of his apartment in handcuffs.

Simply put, if Team Biden had put a modicum of effort into checking into this walking disaster’s past, rather than blindly pandering to the super “woke” among us, Brinton wouldn’t have been hired in the first place.

Or would “they”?

Fox News reported late Wednesday that Brinton was arrested as a “fugitive from justice” by Maryland Police. A police spokesperson confirmed the arrest to be the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police. It is the main law enforcement agency for the Washington, D.C. region.

Shiera is the spokesperson for Montgomery County Police Department.

Montgomery County Police assisted in the arrest of Sam Brinton. Sam Brinton, was arrested at his College Parkway home last night around 10 pm. Both Brinton and the other man are being held in the Montgomery County Central Processing Unit with no bond while they await an extradition hearing. We have all the information we can provide.

What is that you’re saying? The bond was refused

A neighbor told The Daily Wire that “four unmarked police officers appeared last night and refused to let his wife Kevin leave.” “After about an hour, Sam Brinton was escorted with handcuffs.

Brinton cannot stop “themselves”, as I stated at the top. Daily Wire said that “they” were arrested in April before Wednesday’s arrest.

The former Biden official was caught on video allegedly stealing luggage at Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas last month. He entered a no-contest plea to misdemeanor theft.

Brinton was initially charged with felony theft after the police believed he stole $3,670 worth of items. He paid over $3,500 in restitution to the victim and received a 180-day suspended sentence. It meant that as long as the man did not cause any trouble, he would be able to avoid jail.

Play dumb games to win dumb prizes.

Brinton, who made headlines in 2023, escaped jail in two separate cases of luggage thefts in Minnesota & Nevada. Do it Again.

What a shame. Seems like a nice “gender-fluid” person.

Here is a video of Sam Brinton speaking to the Playboy Channel about “their” campaign order to stop conversion therapy in the U.S.