Shaun King Spent $40k of Donor Funds…on a Dog


In the wake of the Ferguson Riots and subsequent battles over race, Shaun King emerged on the public stage. This led to the current Black Lives Matter-infused racist landscape. Conservatives saw King as a liar from the beginning. King’s credibility among the general public was shaken when the Rachel Dolezal scandal raised many questions about King’s racial identity.

King has been adamant about racial justice allies since then. DeRay McKesson, a social justice activist and former activist partner of King’s organization, wrote a harsh blog post about King. He accused King of unethical behavior, bullying, and lack of transparency regarding organization funds.

Samaria Rice, Tamir Rice’s mom, attacked King as a thief, and a lie when she found out he had raised funds by using her son’s suicide as a call for action. King and the funds he raised did not provide any assistance to her or her family.

“Well, we spoke and all that was said was very toxic. It was also uncomfortable for me to hear you raise additional money and then tell me you didn’t want to bother you. She wrote that she doesn’t get how you sleep at night.

Rice continued, “I never granted you permission to raise anything.” Rice continued, “Alongside the United States, you robbed my son for his death.”

Despite the criticisms and accusations from some of the most respected people in the race grievance sector, King managed to continue raising money. King appears to have used the money to purchase some important items in the fight against racial inequality. Marz, his Mastiff Mastiff, was one of those $40,000 purchases.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that King’s PAC (Grassroots Law) has paid the sum in two payments to Potrero Performance Dogs of California. In December, Potrero was paid $10,000, and in February, a payment of $30,650.

King shared on Facebook days after receiving the second payment about the “new member” of his family, a Mastiff named Marz.

King posted a lengthy Instagram post claiming that he needed his dog to defend his family from “white supremacists.” He also complained about gun laws making it difficult for him to obtain a weapon for self-defense.

For the safety and security of my family, I must share some things I have worked hard to keep secret. This is why my family needs a guard dog at their home and 24/7 security everywhere we go.

My family has been harmed by white supremacists, and other people who have done my family any harm, since they arrived at our three last homes. Multiple times.

New York City will not allow me to own a gun before you discuss how I should protect myself with guns. New Jersey does not have any stand your ground laws. It hardly allows you even to own guns. Our home and exact location were posted online by news outlets, which led to a lot of strangers arriving at our house.

I am the ex-owner of Alfred, our Bull Mastiff, and can confirm that very few people buy a Mastiff to provide home security. Mastiffs are not good guard dogs, aside from the fact they can be intimidating. Purebred Mastiffs are loved and adored by many. Most Mastiff owners don’t buy their beloved Mastiffs with charitable donations from those who are concerned about racial justice and brutality.

The King family sent the dog back to the breeder, citing “too much energy” for their particular situation. According to reports, the King family sent the dog back because they felt it was too energetic for their situation.

Marz’s time with the King family wasn’t long-lasting. Potrero posted Instagram photos showing Marz winning the top prize at the American Kennel Club competition. Potrero stated in an Instagram post that Marz is “a little too energetic to be a family pet so he returned.”

It seems that white supremacists now have a window.