Soros-Backed DA Allowed A Repeat Offender To Walk Free. Now She’s Charged With Murder


Fox News reported that the District Attorney George Gascon’s office had allowed a repeat offender a diversionary program instead of prison time. This individual was responsible for the murder of an innocent father last month.
Fox News reported that Jade Simone Brookfield was involved in four previous stabbing incidents before allegedly killing Dennis Banner. At one point, she is said to have punctured someone’s lung. Brookfield was sent to diversion and mental health programs despite the repeated knife attacks.

The murder took place in April but until recently, law enforcement officials were prohibited from discussing the case’s details. L.A. district attorney George Gascon has received $4.7m in donations from the Justice and Public Safety PAC. This PAC is at least partially funded by George Soros. Soros is a billionaire philanthropist and has spent millions funding progressive legislators in the United States.

Fox News reports that Brookfield received mental health treatment or diversion for all four of her violent crimes committed during Gascon’s tenure in office. Gascon’s Office told Fox News that they “appreciate the public concern” when someone who is enrolled in a mental-health program commits a crime.

“Our prosecutors take the best possible decisions in light of the information available.” Gascon’s Office said that “our hearts go out to all victims in this case, and we are ready to support them as they journey towards healing”.

Fox News reported that Brookfield was charged in 2020 with attempted murder for allegedly puncturing someone’s lung using a knife. She was given a mental diversion plan. In 2021, she was again charged with battery of a police officer. She was given another diversion plan. Gascon’s Office dismissed the case.

A representative of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office told the Daily Caller News Foundation that “in each case, a court carefully weighed the facts against the defendant to determine diversion or alternative remedy was appropriate.” They said, “We understand the public’s concern when someone participating in a program for mental health commits a serious offense.”

In six months Brookfield was arrested twice more for crimes that involved knives. Each time, she avoided prison time. In each of these incidents, Brookfield was accused of aiming knives at innocent victims and threatening them with their lives.

Eric Siddall is the vice president of the L.A. Association of Deputy district attorneys and spoke to Fox News. He said that the county should create a system with lockdown mental facilities for those who have serious mental issues.