Soros-Funded Loudoun County Prosecutor Removed From Criminal Case


Buta Biberaj, a Loudoun County prosecutor and a George Soros-funded leftist, was exonerated from a criminal case. This is an extremely rare act. A judge removed her for “deliberately misleading Court and the public” to try to sell a plea deal.

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares (R) also criticizes Biberaj, saying that she cares more about criminals than the communities.

James Plowman, Loudoun County Circuit Judge, was Biberaj’s predecessor. He issued an order removing Biberaj, her entire office, from the case, and appointed the Fauquier County State’s Attorney’s Office as the prosecution team.

Plowman stated that the Commonwealth was deliberately misleading the Court and the public to try to “sell” the plea agreement for a reason that is yet to be understood. “Biberaj, Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office are hereby REMOVED and DISQUALIFIED as counsel of record in the matter.”

Fox 5 D.C. reported that the judge’s decision was something “some experienced attorneys and prosecutors have never seen in a career.”

Kevin Enrique Valle, a serial burglary suspect, was arrested on five warrants – three misdemeanors of destruction of property and false identity and two felonies in burglary.

Biberaj and her associates, however, wanted a plea deal to Valle. They apparently downplayed Valle’s criminal history in other jurisdictions and even omitted key facts in order push it through.

Michele Burton, Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney, wrote the plea agreement. She stated that the alleged crimes occurred over several hours. This was an assessment Plowman called “entirely incorrect.”

Plowman said that Valle was accused of “a possible 12 burglary crimes spree spanning over four counties in ten days.”

According to the order, the Loudoun offenses occurred May 18, 2021. However, Valle is charged with three burglaries that day in Fairfax County, two in Fauquier County and four in Prince William County. The defendant was also named as part of another Loudoun County Burglary on May 8.

Plowman stated that the prosecutor’s office made “an overt misrepresentation of omission” to court.

Plowman wrote that the explanation showed a lack in knowledge about the facts or the ability to apply basic law principles. He further criticized Biberaj’s office.

Miyares called it an “unprecedented event” and separately wrote to Douglas L. Fleming Jr. Chief Judge of Fauquier Circuit Court stating, “it is evident from the Order that Court has lost confidence in Ms. Biberaj and her deputies as well as her office’s ability to effectively seek justice on this matter.”

Miyares offered his assistance to the court as well, which Biberaj replied by telling Miyares to “stay in your lane.”

On Thursday, the Virginia Attorney General criticized Biberaj, saying to Fox News that while she may be telling her to keep her lane, far-left prosecutors tend to care more about criminals than victims and make our communities less safe. The lane I care about is safe children, safe communities, and listening to victims.

Miyares said, “You saw that California voters rebelled against this criminal-first, victim – last mindset when they recalled the D.A..” This is exactly what you saw in Virginia last year. There were a lot criminal-first, victim last policies that caused a massive increase in crime and voters are sick of them.

Victoria LaCivita, spokesperson for Miyares, told Breitbart News that “public safety and justice are not partisan issues.” We believe that the letter speaks for itself.

Plowman had removed Biberaj from the case and her office, and a bar complaint was filed against Biberaj asking for a formal investigation and appropriate sanctions. These could include disbarment, which would prevent her from practising law.

“Ms. “Ms. “Judge Plowman’s order is a damning accusation of the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s ethics and low regard for integrity of the justice systems.”

He said, “We hope the Virginia Bar recognizes this misconduct and Buta Bibiraj is removed from office immediately.”

Biberaj, a controversial prosecutor, is known for dropping charges against violent offenders.

An ex-prosecutor, speaking under anonymity to Fox 5 D.C., said that Biberaj “pushed for people to be released in domestic violence cases,” while Buta “pushes to let people go generally.”

Biberaj released a male student who was wearing a dress and raped a Loudoun County student. The office placed the male student in another school where he was allegedly sexually assaulting another student. The case was made headlines nationally when it became clear that the Loudoun County Schools Board tried to hide the incident in order to pass a policy that allowed boys to use locker rooms and restrooms at girls’ schools.

It is also why Virginia Governor. Glenn Youngkin (R), signed a day one executive order indicting Miyares’s Office with investigating Loudoun County.

Biberaj’s office was also criticized for hiring a man convicted in child pornography charges after failing to conduct a background check, which is mandatory for all hiring.

A man was also released on $5,000 bond last year following his arrest for assault, strangulation and abduction. However, he returned home to murder his wife, something which the family seems to be blaming on Biberaj’s office. Although community corrections recommended that the man be kept behind bars, Biberaj’s office insisted on the bond agreement.

Biberaj is also very light on persecutions. Loudoun County data show that criminal indictments have dropped 67 percent since Biberaj took office. They went from 681 in 2019 and 225 in 2021.