Staffers Desert Kamala Harris To Avoid Stigma Of Harris Person Label


    Staffers are reportedly leaving Vice President Kamala Harris’ office this month because they fear being called a Harris Person and could lose their jobs. While Harris plans her path to the presidency, but President Biden is yet to decide if he will run for reelection. Staffers are reported to be concerned that their time in the office of the vice president could damage their careers in Washington.

    The vice president’s office is so toxic with disorder and infighting that many fear that a resume with Harris on it could cause “career harm”.

    The staffers’ fears are reflected in the polls. Only 13% of registered Dem voters support Harris if Biden does not run again. Staffers are considering the possibility that Harris has not received enough support from Dems to make their next move.

    Harris’s staffers are often ambitious in a stressful work environment. They may be shifting their careers to someone who is more likely to win the 2024 election. Some staffers have indicated that they would prefer to work with Biden’s team while others have left the White House.

    However, Harris’s departure from the vice-president’s office will have a significant impact on the chief of staff Tina Flournoy who is under pressure for Harris’ 2024 goals to be realized.

    A Dem operative said that if they screw this up, it will set women back when it is time to run for higher office in the future.

    Four Harris staffers have left Harris’ office since November or are planning to leave Harris’ office in the next weeks. This caps months of internal turmoil. Staff members have complained that the VP’s office treated them “like sh**” in an environment of abuse.

    Others have shared their frustration with Pete Buttigieg, the Transportation Secretary, about their potential 2024 presidential bid. Harris and her team worry that Biden’s $1.2 billion infrastructure package will give them an advantage in the 2024 primary. Buttigieg has however downplayed his ambitions.

    Harris and Buttigieg traveled together to North Carolina for an infrastructure event. Buttigieg had the opportunity to stroke Harris’s ego during the day’s events.

    Buttigieg stated that as transportation secretary, he is the face of many of the investments they are making. He claimed without the leadership of VP Harris, they wouldn’t be where they are today. He said he is glad that he can shine a spotlight on that.