The Biden Administration Pays More Attention Power Reacting to New Stories Than on Sound Policy


Biden’s administration has spent most of its time at power reacting to news stories, rather than implementing a sound policy that had a tangible impact on the many crises Americans have experienced over the past two years.

These results were devastating. They have maintained ineffective COVID-19 mitigation protocols which have had little or no effect on the spread and have only harmed Americans (especially children). They insist that more money is the only way to fix the economy. They refuse to admit their part in the rise of gas prices and inflation.

It is not all good news for the administration’s future, which faces a potential record-breaking red wave in the midterm elections.

The administration chose theater over governance to demonstrate to the American people that they are doing all they can to help, despite their inability to come up with sensible policies. This weekend’s pathetic attempt at spinning the formula issue is a perfect example.

The Biden administration was left scrambling and invoked the Defense Production Act to order the military to fly baby formula from Europe. The White House now wants to take credit for the little impact these things made, and it’s a sad showing.

The FDA recall at the Abbott facility in Michigan, which makes a lot of our baby formula, was what really sent things spiraling. Even though it was clear that no babies were made sick by the product, the FDA refused to recertify the facility for several months. This led to a huge shortage in the country, which Biden now wants to “fix” by spending more taxpayer money. In turn, this leads to more inflation.

It takes only the Biden administration to announce that they have lifted all restrictions on the importation of formula from the U.S., and are cutting regulatory red tape that makes it difficult to import. This opens up the market to foreign baby formula immediately and solves the problem. Instead, they launch an “operation” to make it appear that they are fighting a crisis that they created.

Consider the November spikes in oil and gas prices. The pressure began to build at the pumps. The Biden administration didn’t do anything until friendly media outlets could not help but report it. Their response? They responded by sending in the Federal Trade Commission, threatening to investigate “anti-consumer practices.” This tactic was continued by the Biden administration into March.

Biden’s ex-boss, President Barack Obama was in charge and was known for telling the media, “We learned it when you did” when a shocking story was published. Biden’s administration went one further, being exposed openly flat-footed throughout the process. When friendly media outlets call them out for their inaction and inconsistent statements, they can only react. They write letters to Germany and fly to Germany as a result.

Wonderful work.

The Biden administration is incapable of handling any crisis with any type of governance. They create hashtags and deflect. The crises are only getting worse.

This is also why Joe Biden’s polling is so bad. His administration is seen to be making the inflation problem worse by the amount of money it has poured into the economy. They’re also seen being absolutely no-shows on every other issue. This is why Hispanic voters are the most critical of the Biden administration, and Biden’s popularity among black voters has fallen 20 points.

These are all signs of the end times in electoral politics. Trying to fixate on Donald Trump, abortion, and January 6 is not helping. This is only making matters worse. They’re out of touch and performance art isn’t helping anyone.