The Left Doesn’t Understand Conservatives’ Free Speech Concerns


The purchase by Elon Musk of Twitter has sparked much debate on both sides. Conservatives celebrate the idea of neutralizing censorious rightists who want the suppression of right-leaning speech. The left, however, is upset that they may be able to hear the voices they have worked so hard to suppress.

Leftists were in a tailspin when Musk announced that he had a solution to Twitter’s verification problems by offering an $ 8-per-month verification subscription with additional perks. Rep. Alexandra Ocasio Cortez (D.N.Y.), went after Musk over this idea and the billionaire trolled him gloriously in reply.

Trevor Noah of The Daily Show joins the chorus of leftists who are unhappy about Musk’s attempt to equalize the field for free speech on Twitter. Noah stated that the subscription program is a violation of Musk’s goal of creating “equality” among social media users.

“So, here’s the question: If you want to promote equality on Twitter, why should anyone be charged to verify their identity?” He said, “Just give everyone a checkmark.”

Noah acknowledged that he understood Musk’s desire to make money so at least Noah has some understanding of the capitalism involved with running a company such as Twitter. The comedian revealed, however, that he doesn’t fully understand the free speech concerns of conservatives.

He rants, “I think the $8 per month thing is absurd.” If Elon Musk wants to make a lot of money on Twitter, I think he should just charge people for blue checkmarks. White people should not be charged for using the N-word. Twitter will be the most profitable company ever. “Racists will borrow money.”

Here you are! Noah quickly took the discussion about free speech to where the left takes it every time: to the extreme. Left-leaning conservatives speak of free speech because it means that they want racists to be free to spread their hate anywhere and everywhere.

The left doesn’t get why the right talks about free speech as much. They don’t get it because they control most of the speech-gating mechanisms. Because the left controls a lot of media and most cultural institutions as well as the majority of academia, their voices are amplified while conservatives are kept out.

Trevor Noah and others like him don’t need to be worried about their beliefs being canceled. Conservatives could lose their social media presence, and sometimes their jobs, for standing up against the LGBTQ (and sometimes Y lobby), for speaking out for the unborn, holding up the value of medical freedom, or for believing in the God of Scripture.

Leftists such as Noah don’t understand the idea that there are valid perspectives that differ from The Narrative, that the left forces on everyone through every cultural channel they control. The left isn’t open to listening to those they disagree with, which is why they turn to racism and extremism whenever conservatives worry about freedom of speech.

Trevor Noah was just another leftist from the run-of-the-mill with a monologue that was tone-deaf and not surprising.

It’s not appreciated by the left when we tell them the truth.