Thousands of Pedophiles in Democrat-Run California Serve Less Than a Year in Prison for Their Egregious Crimes


California Democrats have made it so that men who rape minors through sodomy are not required to register as sex offenders. They made child prostitution illegal several years ago.

According to Daily Mail, California has been known to release child molesters within days of their criminal convictions.

What Are The Details?

California Department of Justice Megan’s Law was created to provide information about registered sex offenders within the state, so that “members of the public can better protect their families and themselves.” The California Sex and Arson Registry could provide information on the name, address, and offenses of an offender. It also provides the dates of his last conviction and release.

Megan Kanka was the victim of a twice-convicted child pedophile. The database was named for her.

The Daily Mail reported that the California DOJ recently took steps to “prevent any new data being gathered or analyzed” on Megan’s Law’s website. The site did indicate last week that California had over 61,000 sex offenders. This is a 12% increase from the 2019 numbers detailed in the report.

A Daily Mail investigation based on Megan’s Law data has shown that thousands of pedophiles who abused children were freed after just a few months.

The Daily Mail analyzed the data of 54,986 sexual offenders listed on the website in July 2019 and discovered that 76% of them had committed offenses involving children.

Another staggering number was found by comparing the release and conviction dates: how long did an average pedophile spend in prison: only two years and ten months?

Less than half the time, thousands of predatory criminals were in prison.

7,152 pedophiles, who were under 14 years old, committed “lewd and lascivious acts with children” — the most serious crime in the database. They spent less than one year in prison.

This group included 114 men who allegedly committed the crime “by force of fear” against innocent people. They were also reported to have served less than one year in prison.

Gualterio Lopez Contreras, a 47-year-old pedophile, was allegedly charged with sodomy using force, sexual penetration through force, and continuous sexual abuse. Contreras was sentenced and served three years in state prison. According to the Daily Mail, however, Contreras was convicted and sentenced to three years in state prison.

Contreras was one of many offenders who received less than a year in prison. They had kidnapped and pimped out children, or committed aggravated sex assaults on a child with the intent to rape.

Carlos Alexander Nahue (48) was convicted in 2015 of “continuous sexual abusing a child”. Nahue was arrested in October 2014. He pleaded not guilty to the crime in January 2015. Nahue was charged with likely disturbing his victim’s life and sentenced to two days in prison and five years probation.

According to the Daily Mail, Nahue lives just one block from a daycare center and three blocks from an elementary school.

Samuel Dordulian, a former Los Angeles prosecutor for sex crimes, told the Daily Mail that statistics clearly showed that pedophiles do not get rehabilitated.

The Department of Justice reports that the sexual recidivism rates of sex offenders range between about 3 percent to 24 percent after three years and around 24 percent after fifteen years. Child molesters who inflict on boys have the highest rates of recidivism.

“By letting these people go early, we are allowing for more victimization, that’s scary,” Dordulian said.

Dordulian recalled his time as a Los Angeles district attorney. He said that “we tried to get as long a sentence as possible because we knew that they would re-offend more quickly and cause harm to another child.”

Democrat Enablers

Revictimization is a serious problem that will likely get worse due to policies supported by the state’s Democrat Governor. Gavin Newsom suggested Dordulian.

“With Newsom, they’ve passed a lot of legislation where they’re allowing people to return and they’re pushing to have less time in prison,” stated the former prosecutor for a sex crime.

Jon Hatami, Los Angeles County Deputy District attorney, stated that George Gascon, Democrat L.A. District Court Attorney, also shared in the blame for putting children in danger and denying victims justice.

Hatami stated to the Daily Mail that thousands of child victims are being denied justice and that George Gascon and his radical prosecutors cannot care less.

Gascon reportedly supported Proposition 57 which would have allowed nonviolent felons to be released from jail after they had served the full sentence of their primary offense and received an alternative sentence.

Hatami stated, “Most of the sex offenders released early have not been rehabilitated at all.” This will be a grave threat to our children’s future and the entire community.

Newsom also signed SB145, a bill that allows judges to refuse to register a man as a sex offender if he raped a grade-schooler between the ages of 14 and 17 orally or anally.

Scott Wiener (Democratic State Senator), said that this bill was a step towards “ending discrimination against LGBTQ youths on CA’s sex offenders registry.”

CBS News reported that Wiener claimed recently that the word “groomer” is categorically anti-LGBTQ hate language.

California is keeping some sex offenders off registries and letting other sex offenders out early, but the Daily Mail stated that this problem is not widespread.

Hatami agrees with Dordulian, whether it is localized or not: this “shameful”, practice of releasing young sexual offenders whose rehabilitation may be questionable “will clearly endanger the future generation of children” and “will surely endanger the entire community.”