Transgender Shooter’s Manifesto Reveals Motive, Shocks Nashville


The manifesto of Nashville transgender school shooter Audrey Hale, a woman who “identified” as a man, has been leaked. According to photographs released by Steven Crowder, the document contains writings about a “Death Day” as well as racist language to describe the shooter’s eventual victims.

You can see police cars and protective gloves in the pictures. The pictures would have been taken at the start of the investigation.

On one page, Hale used an anti-white slur, writing her desire to “kill all you little crackers.” In another instance, she complained about those at the school having “white privilege.”

Warning: graphic, disturbing language

This confirms that the shootings were caused by an ideology of hatred for the children. Hale reportedly was angry with her Christian parents because they refused to affirm her “identity”. However, this anti-white racism is a new detail that sheds more light on the motive behind the attack.

The manifesto also contained a complex timeline, including her eating breakfast. I was struck by this small detail as I read it. To me, it seems almost psychotic that such a mundane event could be planned right before the murder.

The manifesto contains more than three pages. If the gunman recorded more details about the state of her mind, it could help to clarify her motivations.

It is important to ask why this information was hidden. In the past, it was common to release the manifestos of “right-wing” shooters quickly or in great detail. However, the answer to the question was not given. This led to many suspicions that have been confirmed.

This is a developing story. We will provide more information as it becomes available.