Trump Reportedly Says He’ll Testify Before The Jan. 6 Committee — On One Condition


According to reports, former President Donald Trump told his aides that he would testify before Jan. 6 Committee but only if it was broadcast live.

The New York Times reported Trump’s alleged comments on Thursday. It cited a “person who is familiar with his discussions”. Taylor Budowich, Trump spokesperson, did not immediately respond.

A source close to Trump said that the former president “loves” the idea of testifying before the committee. According to a source, Trump would testify about the corruption of the election, the corrupt committee, and why Nancy Pelosi didn’t call up the National Guard, which Trump strongly advised her to do three days before, on January 3, 2021.

The committee voted unanimously to subpoena Trump Thursday. Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson, Mississippi, argued that Trump was “at the centre of the story” of Jan. 6.

Trump has not made any public statements about whether he will testify. However, he replied to the subpoena on Thursday calling the committee a “hoax.”

Trump stated on Fox News that the committee was a hoax and a sham. He also said that it is a continuation to the witch hunt that began when I walked down the golden escalator in honor of our great country. They have no case, no ratings, so they must do this to get attention.