Trump Turns Himself in Again Amid Calls for DA’s Impeachment


Trump’s mugshot has been released.


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Update: The former President spoke to reporters and insisted that he, along with his co-defendants, had “every single right” to contest an election they believed was dishonest.

He told the press, “You should have the right to contest an election.” “I thought that the election was rigged, and stolen, and I should be able to do this.”

Original Report:

Donald J. Trump, the former president and the frontrunner presidential candidate in the United States of America, has surrendered and been arraigned in the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta.

According to WSB Radio’s report, Trump was arrested at 7:35 p.m. Thursday. Theresa Seiger of WSB reports that the former president faces 13 charges including violations of Georgia’s RICO Act as well as several conspiracy charges. “He denies any wrongdoing and says that the charges are politically motivated in advance of the 2024 Presidential election.”

His motorcade returned to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport just before 8 p.m.

On Tuesday, Trump announced on Truth Social that he was ready to turn himself in.

According to an agreement, Trump surrendered, pleaded not guilty, and posted $20,000 out of a $200,000 bail. Unaware of the fascism of their party, millions of Leftists screamed in joy when the Great Orange Nemesis finally posed for his mugshot. They’d been waiting to see it since November 2016, when he humiliated all of them.

In a better time, extreme measures like politicized hate impeachments, raiding the private residences of former presidents, and using government powers to maliciously pursue one’s leading political opponents, were frowned upon. Unfortunately, today’s radical and militant far-left Democrats will use any standard to wipe their behinds.

Fani Willis, the disgusting Fulton County district attorney, repaid George Soros for his two-and-a-half-year search for crimes by accusing Trump of, among other things a violation of Georgia’s RICO law. Andrew C. McCarthy, a former assistant U.S. attorney, and writer for The Messenger, criticized Willis’s desperate grasp of that straw.

A conspiracy is a simple agreement to violate criminal law. A conspiracy requires at least two people to be involved. It can be three, 19, 100, or any other number. No matter how many people may be involved, one thing is certain: there must be agreement on the crime.

It’s this strangeness that makes DA Willis’s indictment so interesting. She claims that the 19 individuals named in her indictment were guilty of conspiracy because they had agreed to work together to try and keep Donald Trump as president – specifically to “change” the election result in Trump’s favor. Maybe they all shared this goal, or maybe the 19 minds came to an agreement on that, but trying to reverse an election outcome is not a criminal act. You might have noticed that Al Gore and Stacey Abrams were never led away in handcuffs. …

The law does not criminalize unlawfully trying to change an election result.

Pathetic. McCarthy’s analysis will show you why Willis’s RICO accusations are just as absurd.

Georgia’s elected officials are now scrutinizing Willis because she is an obvious political hack and abuser of the American legal system. Colton Moore, a state senator from District 53 (R), began the impeachment procedure on August 17 by sending Gov. Brian Kemp called for a special meeting to review Witchis – oops! Willis.

Charlie Byrd, a state representative from District 20, announced on Tuesday that she would sign Moore’s letter. Once three-fifths (35%) of the two Georgia state chambers sign, an impeachment investigation can be launched. The Georgia House would have to convict Willis, and the Senate would have to remove her. According to Charles S. Bullock, professor of political science, she would be banned from holding any position “of honor, trust or profit” within the state and lose her pension.

We reported earlier on Thursday that the House Judiciary Committee was launching an inquiry into Willis.

Jim Jordan, the chairman of the Ohio committee, is also interested in finding out how much money Willis has spent on this investigation and to what extent she communicated with Jack Smith, Special Counsel, who filed federal charges against Trump. The investigation was sparked by all of these political concerns as well as blurred lines between state and federal concerns.

We’ll update you as more information becomes available.