Turning Point USA Establishes Super PAC To Promote America First Movement


Turning Point USA has recently created its political action committee, Turning Point PAC. (TPPAC), in order to “aggressively combat” anti-American ideologies.

Turning Point Pac will endorse candidates at the national and local level who meet their criteria in seven policy areas: election integrity, school choice, parental rights, big techcensorship, onshoring American jobs, border security and pro-life issues.

Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point PAC said that “Turning Point PAC offers an unparalleled opportunity to tip the ideological balance in the conservative movement.” “Conservatives often wonder if their elected officials will stab them in their backs once they are elected to office. Turning Point PAC was created to address this problem.

Kirk stated, “We will work hard to elect candidates who will courageously defend grassroots voters’ values, and we will work with fraudsters who continue to betray us.”

TPPAC will use its multi-million dollar war chest to support its candidates ahead of the 2022 midterms.

TPPAC will harness the America First movement’s power to identify conservative candidates who are ready to fight for the American people’s interests. TPPAC will develop candidates to fight the consultants class and the globalist chamber for commerce establishment that has been taking advantage of conservatives too long.

Turning Point PAC will vigorously resist the influence of Big Tech, woke companies, the trans agenda and CRT ideologues. It will also fight against open-borders lobbyists who have too often reduced the GOP to a party that controls the opposition.

Kirk’s TPPAC and Turning Point Action will collaborate to recruit young millennials and Gen Z politicians and support “rising-star” candidates at the grassroots level.

TPPAC has endorsed more than thirty candidates so far, including incumbents as well as newcomers such Ohio’s J.D. Vance, Tennessee congressional hopeful Robby Starbuck and Washington’s Joe Kent are among the TPPAC endorsers. Ron Johnson (R–WI), Mike Lee, (R–UT), and Reps. Madison Cawthron(R-NC), Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz.